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(PhD, Paris School of Economics)

Hello and welcome to my website!

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I’m an applied economist, PhD (Paris School of Economics, PSE), interested in economic mobility, income distribution, measurement, public economics and education. I hold two master degrees in economics (MRes in Quantitative Economics at PSE + MSc in Economics at UPF) and recent experience teaching Statistics at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (SciencesPo Paris) and Université Sorbonne Nouvelle.

I am empirically interested in the metrics of well-being and in evaluating public policies. Interested in development economics, applied economics, impact evaluation, labour economics.

I recently served as Research Officer at the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) at the University of Oxford, and as a research coordinator at the UNDP. I have also experience as a public official for the Mexican government in poverty measurement. I have been a consultant for private, public and international institutions. Some of my work has been published in book chapters and international academic journals. My research has also received some national awards in Mexico. 


I administrate a FB group (políticas públicas/public policy) as a hobby. The group aims at disseminating research-based policy analysis and empirical evidence about public policies for development. The group already reached more than 19,000 international followers.


Thank you for your interest.

Please find below my contact details.

©2018 by Hector Moreno,PhD. 

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